Be it an urgent project, an incomplete novel, or the gist of a story idea, ghostwriters are the answer to any pending writing task.

Serving as the backbone that holds and balances several books, ghostwriters work behind the scenes for clients who get credited as the author.

Your manuscript could be spectacular and still, adding the input of a ghostwriter to the project could make it ten times better; these writers are known for their skill and expertise.

When you search ‘ghost writers near me’ online, you’re welcomed by an overwhelming number of ghostwriting services, and picking one at random is never a wise choice.

To help guide you toward picking the right ghost writer, here is a guide you should follow while searching your options:

Search Multiple Platforms

Remember, search engines provide you with results they consider helpful.

However, this filtering does not mean that search results will provide you with the writers you want.

Due to this reason, it is best to conduct research on more than one platform and keep your options open.

A good starting point is to consider freelancers as well as ghostwriting agencies; not only does this expand your choices, but sometimes one ghostwriter is capable of managing your project as well as a team of professionals.

There are multiple sites dedicated to listing freelancers or writing services. Using such platforms allows you to search for options from a place that is specifically for that purpose and allows specifications in search.

When ‘ghost writers near me’ is the statement you use for search, specifying location, region or language helps produce more accurate results.

Such research helps narrow down to more than one writer, which proves useful in cases where a client immediately requires a backup ghostwriter.


Word-of-mouth is one of the least advertising forms of marketing.

However, at times, word-of-mouth recommendations occur due to genuine and pleasant experiences of people on availing a service.

If your personal or professional circle consists of people who have worked with ghostwriters, it is ideal to start your search by talking to these people.

Asking such people about recommendations or how their experience not only helps confirm details of a particular ghostwriting service but also provides what collaborating with such a service looks like.

A conversation with a customer helps set more realistic expectations when approaching any ghostwriters.

Moreover, having a close acquaintance allows you to have a detailed conversation about the service of ghostwriters hired by that person.

Recommendations come from people who have already tried and tested a service.

Therefore, you become well-versed in the quality and services of a ghostwriter without needing to conduct extensive research about them.

Finding Reviews

Reviews can be life-saving by preventing you from taking a bad deal.

No matter how misleading, eye-catching, or glamorizing a marketing campaign is, reviews help set the record straight about the reality of any service or company.

Reviews grant customers their well-earned freedom of speech; Customers can express their experience by rating it through reviews

When it comes to comparing two services, reviews allow you to consider experience, quality, and standards rather than just the price or product details.

Due to their honesty, reviews offer transparency that no amount of brand marketing could since the former provides the point-of-view of someone you might become: a customer.

It is necessary to read reviews when investing in a ghostwriting service to avoid regrets, regardless of their experience or professionalism.

Look for Portfolios

It would be senseless to hire a ghostwriter before determining their experience.

More than any claim on a freelancer’s profile or a writing service’s website, it is portfolios that showcase the skill and expertise of any writer.

Whenever a ghostwriter piques your interest, you should immediately search for their portfolio and review their projects and clients.

A portfolio shows the development and effort of any creator over a while.

In the case of a writer, portfolios exhibit the type of projects and genres that the agency/ person has worked on.

Compilation of any writer’s work is necessary to determine if their practice has consistency, maintains quality, and dedicates equal effort to all projects.

Portfolios allow interested clients to see if the writing service has experience in the genre they want to hire for.

There Will Be Reading

Finding good things in life is never a walk in the park.

Similarly, finding good ghost writers near me is a requirement that needs effort and time to get fulfilled.

Sure, portfolios are easily available on websites to view. However, any writing service can display a few projects and call it a day.

As your focus is getting a good writer, you can only determine one’s skillset by reading your writing.

If any ghostwriters seem to fit the desired profile, look through their portfolio and read the books or content they worked on.

Reading helps a client discern the writing style, tone, and structure.

Due to reading, you can see whether the style fits your project and decide accordingly.

Talk to Writers

It is no surprise that people cannot read each other’s minds.

No matter how successful or experienced a ghost writer is, they will need your input to understand the project and their role in it.

If your writing project has complicated features or details, you should discuss them with the ghostwriters before hiring.

The discussion will help writers gauge the scale and difficulty of your project, timely communicating whether they can fulfill your requirements.

Having this conversation beforehand helps avoid getting stuck in a situation where the ghostwriting service produces an inadequate manuscript.


The reason behind most ‘ghost writers near me’ searches is that people want to hire a local ghostwriting service that is easily accessible.

However, you should never compromise the quality of your work to hire ghostwriters in your vicinity.

The right approach is to search for ghostwriters while keeping proximity and experience in mind.

By prioritizing expertise, your project ends in the hands of a ghostwriter who understands it well!

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