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Companies spent thousands on the largest display on roadsides and highways to ensure their audience saw their newest marketing campaigns.

For them, landing their brand correctly is necessary because each advertising project takes up resources, money, and time.

Every promotion offers a chance to inform and expand the audience further to learn about new or repeating behavior patterns.

However, the 21st century has been a stage of transition.

With technological advancements and recently, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the shift to a virtual setting has been swift.

Now, online platforms are the new billboards for brands.

With phones and laptops having all eyes glued to their screens, companies recognize the only way they can catch the majority’s eye is by appearing on those devices.

Websites help in this regard but, every other brand has a website too.

Companies need to be creative with leaving a digital footprint. Here are a few other platforms that help achieve this goal:

Social Media Sites

Where there is a phone, there are multiple social media apps.

Everyone from children to seniors use social media for entertainment or networking.

Names such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are recognizable to everyone nowadays because they have an account on at least one of these sites.

The interface of each of these apps is such that its content alters according to the user’s preferences. As a result, a user constantly comes across relatable posts, which make them stay longer on the site.

Although the content may be fascinating, users require breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

This is where brands can assist.

Social media sites are the perfect location to advertise; they have the audience and the guarantee that content gets watched.

Placing an ad for your brand between posts allows viewers a breather and gives them a secluded moment with your service.

In this brief period, they will notice your service. If the ad is catchy enough, they will proceed to click and get redirected to your site.

A brand only needs to keep up with trends and generate relatable content as it receives the most engagement on such sites.

Google My Business

There is not a single person online who doesn’t use Google.                             

The search engine is the go-to platform for queries and keywords globally.

Google’s features have expanded over the years, one being the creation of Google My Business.

The platform is specifically meant for businesses, allowing them to manage and update their brand across Google Search and Google Maps.

Even if someone from your audience searches for your site, they are likely to approach Google with the brand name.

In such an instance, utilizing Google My Business helps brands have their contact information, details, location, and website available for provision.

Often, a person will search for your physical store; GMB allows businesses to accurately mark their physical location, so that customers have the correct navigation.

Google My Business has been an effective tool for adding credibility and familiarity to any brand.

The platform lets companies upload pictures and videos of their offices, factories, services, and products.

If a customer hesitates to make a purchase, GMB confirms that the brand isn’t an online scam but exists.

Wikipedia Page

While only available to brands that fulfill notability guidelines, Wikipedia pages are popular among businesses.

Although it mostly requires Wikipedia page creation service, the platform helps brands showcase a detailed account of their foundation and products.

The site does not allow companies to advertise. 

However, Wikipedia’s reputation and standard adds a level of trust to your brand that no other platform could.

Wikipedia pages have a clear structure and chronological order, building a great impression of your business by displaying its accomplishments and efforts.

The involvement of wikipedia page creation services is due to the hundreds of rules and guidelines that every page author must follow.

However, the presence of wikipedia page creation services only ensures your company gets a promising space on the site and doesn’t get taken down.

E-commerce Marketplaces

Ever felt your brand could have more outlets for purchases? That’s because they can!

Similar to how companies have headquarters and smaller branches for their operations, a brand can centralize responsibilities on its website and host smaller purchases elsewhere too.

Such a branching in an online setting occurs through E-commerce marketplaces.

The primary function of these marketplaces is to provide space for third-party vendors to sell and exchange products.

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify are a few among many sites that cater to this task.

With E-commerce marketplaces, brands focus more on accessibility rather than advertising.

A company doesn’t need to convince the audience to buy its products because people visit marketplaces for the sole purpose of purchasing.

Therefore, a brand’s only priority on the platform is having its products available.

Blogging Platforms

A website might not be enough to say everything.

As brand websites conduct transactions and other operations, the platform requires formality, where tone and conduct are professional.

However, most brands could struggle with such a site because it does not allow them to freely engage with their audience.

Blogging platforms fit the requirement of creating conversations.

The sole focus of such sites is content. 

When a brand manages this platform, they can talk about their products, and discuss relevant topics. 

All the content gets delivered in a tone fitting for the audience, which is why blogs feel like you’re conversing with a close friend.

The ease of such writing encourages readers to comment and reply, opening the way to discussions of your brand among the audience.

Summing It Up

The mentioned sites do not do justice to the abundance of online platforms.

A great starting point for expanding your digital footprint is researching about these and other online spaces to see what fits your brand.

Some of these platforms require additional input such as hiring Wikipedia page creation services, timely creating new content, and holding orders elsewhere.

However, in the long run, the input promises great results for the business!

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