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Staying one step ahead is a motto that brands learn to live by.

Every marketing strategy must be unique; every product needs to amaze the audience. 

Any step by the brand should offer something interesting for the audience.

Keeping up with this demand can be creatively exhausting, which is why companies focus on investing in brand strategies that are innovative and long-lasting;

The recent fulfillment of this requirement are animated logos.

Every brand has a logo; it acts as a visual element that signifies a company.

Logos condense a brand’s products and message into a pictorial representation.

As logos remain persistent despite revamping and other changes, brands recognize the necessity of having a good logo.

Animating logos is a modern technique, but it has helped produce some of the best logos in recent years.

What are Animated Logos?

Logos that comprise movement or sound effects are known as animated logos.

Unlike traditional designs, a custom logo animation does not stay fixed on one image but has shifting or moving elements.

Animated logos fit the requirement for innovative brand strategies as their design process and software are fairly recent and under development.

How are Animated Logos Better?

Although some may prefer motionless logos, it is vital to recognize the advantages of animated logos.

Here are a few reasons why a custom logo animation is a preferable option:


While animated logos have become a familiar concept, their presence is still fairly new.

When a brand uses animation, it comes as an unpredictable move.

Taking aback your audience is a good way of leaving a memorable first impression as every future interaction will make them recall their initial surprise.

As traditional static logos have been around for centuries, taking a step into the territory of animated logos feels daunting.

Due to the big jump, most brands stick to motionless logos.

Animated logos can make brands stand out as they are uncommon among competitors.

Besides products, companies get to have a strong brand strategy to differ from competitors.

Accommodating Technological Advances

One could argue that animated logos cannot get printed or added to products;

Those people are right.

However, a logo being unadaptable to printing is not a pressing issue today.

Developments in the past decades have shifted the operations of the majority of brands online.

Nowadays, brands can have their stores, warehouses, and products as the only physical entities associated with their name; everything else is online.

The shift to a virtual setting has affected the target audience too. 

The most effective way to reach your customers is through social media sites and emails.

A logo animators easily adapts to all online platforms and looks prominent against their interface.

As for the issue of printing, brands can always have one section of the animation as their main frame. This way, your company gets two good logos for each platform.

Compared to this, a traditional logo offers the usual static image for all mediums.

Effective For Storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Going back and forth between multiple pictures can tell an entire story. In film terminology, this concept is called frames-per-second.

Animations mostly have twenty-four frames per second; your eyes see this number of pictures in 1/60th of a minute.

Sometimes, a symbol or few words cannot express a brand, no matter how experienced a designer is.

Under such circumstances, animated logos help companies not remain confined to one image but think beyond and design a narrative.

Through animating, a brand can highlight what it does, its intention, or tone, simply by performing those actions through a logo.

Moreover, a custom logo animation allows brands to take any route they like towards executing their vision.

Attention-Grabbing Design

As mentioned, animations make people stop and stare.

The movement seems unexpected because viewers have the preconception that logos are static, motion catches such people off-guard.

At the first interaction, your audience continues staring as the unfamiliar animation makes them wonder what happens next. Their attention span lasts until they’ve seen the animation enough to know its contents.

However, the interaction doesn’t end here.

If you have heard of the bouncing DVD logo phenomenon, it is where people follow the DVD screensaver animation until it hits the corner of the screen; they anticipate the event.

Whenever your audience encounters the logo again, their eyes will follow its movements because their instincts draw them to what is familiar.

Seeing the logo complete its movement makes the viewer feel content.

An animated logo allows your brand to not get dismissed at one glance but helps produce meaningful interactions.

Evoke Emotions

Seeing a picture of a ghost and watching a horror movie won’t produce the same reactions.

A picture could be terrifying but it takes a brief moment to see it and process a reaction.

On the other hand, a horror movie makes viewers feel the same anxiety as the characters on screen as they can see the latter’s emotions on display.

Animated logos are similar to this example.

The use of animations was popular among cartoons because the medium depicted feelings and dialogues realistically.

When a logo is animated, it feels like an entity with a life of its own.

Utilizing these qualities effectively produces logos that make your audience feel a particular way, thus creating an emotional tie to your brand.

Animations Are Impressive

Animations are fascinating at every age.

When used in logos and marketing, an animation makes your brand appear versatile.

Due to its effects and sounds, a custom logo animation feels like an upgraded design.

Therefore, your audience finds the logo remarkable and considers your brand to be on the next level with its top-notch appearance.


If a brand wants to adapt to new trends and time, investing in a custom-animated logo is an optimal choice.

Animation helps create more interesting brands.

Animations can give your brand a compelling edge over competitors with just a simple logo touch-up.

With the ongoing shift to virtual settings, it seems appropriate to use animated logos.

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