Top 6 Ways to Style Velvet Dress This Winter 

velvet dress

Velvet, a fabric embodying a rich and luxurious appeal, has stood out in the fashion realm for centuries. Its alluring texture showcases sophistication and grace like no other, making it a staple for all those wanting to make a statement in their winter ready to wear collection. Be it for a fancy night out or a casual night in, your velvet collection can help you put together a unique look. In this blog, discover six eccentric ways of styling velvet this winter season:  

Look Chic with Velvet Blazers   

Velvet blazers are versatile pieces. Instantly lift any outfit by drawing on a velvet blazer. For work, parties, dinners, and so on, a well-tailored velvet blazer is fit for any and every occasion. Go for colors like black, deep red, or bottle green for an effortless, chic ensemble.   

Blazers work great for daytime looks also. Imagine a fresh white top, straight trousers, paired with sleek pumps, and topped with a velvet blazer. Sounds like the perfect winter look. For evening looks, drape on your blazers over any dress and accessories with some loud jewelry. Remember to keep your velvet blazer the main character, the rest of your outfit is just there to support it.    

Make Winter Elegant with Some Velvet Dresses    

Be it traditional or modern wear, velvet dresses radiate nothing but elegance. Playing with cuts and colors: the classic A-line, the side slit, or the sheath velvet dress in jewel tones, all styles are perfect for weddings or formal events. The soft and lucent texture of the fabric will fit like a glove, complementing your silhouette like no other.   

You can even dress casually in velvet dresses. All you need is a muted, neutral shade like beige or olive green, pair it with some sober accessories, and you are good to go. Try it on with some boots and a leather jacket for a fun daytime look. Mix it up for the evening, elevating your look by keeping your dress simple and pairing it with some bold jewelry, heels, and a clutch.   

Velvet Trousers for a Rich Twist  

Enough about tops, it’s time to focus on some velvet bottoms. For all those wanting to make a lasting statement this winter, velvet trousers are your calling. From bootlegs to wide-leg to skinny pants, velvet trousers can be tailored for all styles and body types. For a polished look, pair your velvet pants with a crisp button-down and some fancy espadrilles. You can make it fancy by pairing your pants with a fun sequence top and block heels. The depth and richness of the velvet will greatly help in putting together an elegant yet fun outfit.    

Take it Up a Notch with Velvet Accessories   

If you want velvet in your look but want it to be subtle, opt for velvet accessories. Shoes, handbags, or scarves can bring in the richness of velvet without letting it overpower your outfit. Accessories are a fun way to play with any outfit.   

Not only that, but you can style an outfit based around velvet boots. Be it complementing colors or contrasting ones, velvet boots can make for a bold statement. You can even pair this with a velvet micro bag or a clutch to bring cohesiveness to the outfit.   

Velvet Tops Are Always in Style   

If you want to be comfortable but are not ready to compromise on style, velvet is what you need. A velvet kameez, dress, or turtleneck, paired with straight pants or jeans will create a zestful look fit for any brunch or dinner.    

For formal occasions, it is better to go for an embellished velvet kameez paired with culottes or a fancy velvet blouse tucked into a high-waisted, long, sleek skirt. Add jewelry to bring more dimension to your outfit.   

Velvet Jumpsuits for a Bold Statement    

If you want to make a statement and are tired of all the old styles, it’s time to pull out a velvet jumpsuit. This one-throw garment is a conventional take on the classic elegance of velvet. From jewel shades to neutrals, you can never go wrong with velvet.  

To add character, pair your jumpsuit with some glistering, metallic jewelry, adding to its appeal. Heels or boots would be a fine choice as they will complement the length of your jumpsuit. Moreover, with its richness and grace, your jumpsuit is fit for any daytime or nighttime event.   


To conclude, velvet is a must-have fabric in winter. It can help in creating the perfect elegant outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. Furthermore, Pakistani dresses online USA have soft textures that will provide the perfect fit, giving you a confidence boost. This winter, experiment with different styles and colors of velvet to find the perfect fit for you.   

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