9 Proven Tips To Build Your Ideal Home Library

ideal home library

Books are always our best friends.   They never complain, just like good friends, they only want to give us knowledge. Reading is the best hobby to take up as it is beneficial in increasing your intelligence and in reducing stress. A home library is a beautiful way to decorate your home, encouraging reading habits. In this article, we have suggested different ways to decorate your library; all these are practical and will make your library one of the most liked corners in your home. If you are searching for the best books, either finance or fiction and other genre, you can shop from QBD Books and use their discount code QBD discount code Australia.  

1. Count Your Collection First

Before building a library, the first step is to count your books and check how many books you already have. This step is essential so you will know how much space you need to store these books. If you are planning to buy new books, this step will also be helpful as you will consciously buy books now.

2. Make a Space for Your Home Library

The second step is to find the perfect space for your home library; you can do DIY or hire a designer to make a library. We do not recommend you close your library to any walls as it may cause mould or mildew as temperature changes impact walls. Your walls should not be near food and drink, as germs might enter that space.

3. Plan Your Budget

The third step is to plan your budget so you will know how much investment it will take to make the library. Your budget depends on many things, such as the size of your shelves and decorating fees. All these things will give you a perfect idea about the money. If you plan to extend your library, include new book charges as well.

4. Choose Shelves for Your Home Library

Shelves play a major role in setting up your home library. Also, it is where you will keep your books, so it must be perfect. Two kinds of shelves are available in the market: one is built in or the second is freestanding. Go for the built-in ones if you want the frames permanently fixed to the walls. Suppose you don’t wish to have shelves permanently fixed. Go for freestanding, as they can quickly move, like choosing a bookcase or cabinet.

5. Select Colour

Colour plays a significant role in beautifying your library; add a pop of colour by painting the shelves. You can also add colour to your library by adding colourful wallpaper and be creative while decorating your walls. If you want a different colour, you can make colourful borders or small ornaments on your shelves. Your colour selection is a way to express your style in your library.

6. Make Your Home Library Aesthetic

If you want your library to be aesthetic, you can go for classic colours like dark brown or teal green. You can even match the colour of your library with your house’s theme. You can even add fairy lights to renovate your library. Add a few essential books on shelves if you have a minimalistic look.

7. Include Your Favorite Books

Make a list of your favourite books, especially what you have read in your childhood; read books that align with your interests. You should add those books on topics you and your family are interested in reading. For example, if your family is interested in discussing politics, then you keep political books. Add fiction or nonfiction books or even crime thrillers for a sound library. Your great collection of books will also inspire your guests and others to read those books. You can even kids’ story books so your and your guest’s kids will read them.

8. Make a Separate Space for Books You Have Not Read Yet

It is important to make a space for the books you have not read; this will encourage you to read those books. Whenever you watch something on Netflix or Amazon, you make a watch later list for all the shows you plan to watch later. Similarly, you should make space for the books you have yet to read. Just combine all those unread books and start reading them.

9. Don’t Put Only Books in the Bookcase

If you are making a bookcase for your home, you should decorate it with other ornaments. You should add different things like candles or flowers or even plants like cactus because they don’t need water. You should add decorative pieces like lamps or small decorations; this will add beautification to your library. Consider adding newspapers and magazines to your library and storage boxes to store your things neatly in the bookcase.


Reading books is the most effective way to increase your knowledge with great vocabulary. If you are a book lover or someone who loves to keep, this article is for you; follow all the tips to make an aesthetically pleasing library.

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