Some Quality Platforms to Consider in 2023 for Streaming  

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Today, when you are away from your home cable network, you can still stream content on different streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. But there’s a third legal way of content streaming too. It is by checking free and legal streaming services. Even with these services, you can still find some undiscovered gems of shows.   

Such platforms are ad-supported. So, you will have to watch a few annoying ads to stream content. But do know that they are not a replacement for a cable network. For that, you may have to call the Cox customer service number or that of some other service provider to get a connection. With that said, you may still find some quality content on the following free streaming platforms:   

Xumo TV  

Xumo TV is one of the best places to stream content. You have access to 190 channels including sports, drama, fashion and lifestyle, cooking, and so much more. Streamers can enjoy content on Xumo TV via smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and various other devices. The website and the app are very user-friendly. So, you won’t face much trouble getting started.   

The ad frequency on this free platform is quite tolerable. You see an interface like that of YouTube that shows you how long an ad is and the time it will take it to complete. But every time you change the channel, you have to watch 2 thirty-second ads.   

Popular cable channels on Xumo TV do not show you complete shows. Instead, you can watch content snippets. Still, there is a library of films you can stream if you don’t find anything interesting on the channels. For a free and legal platform, Xumo TV deserves the top spot.   


Crackle is another free content streaming platform with a free library of TV shows, films, and more. The number of films on the platform is surprisingly overwhelming. Like Xumo TV, the app does not need you to sign in for streaming. However, there is an option of signing up for some extra features.   

The ad frequency is quite tolerable if you have found something interesting to watch. Crackle uses ads to keep it free to use. So, it is best not to complain. You can access this platform for free within the United States. For visitors outside the states, you will need a VPN to access the platform and watch free content.   


Vudu is another free service with tons of free movies, TV shows, and anime. The service was founded by Walmart in 2010 and is now a joint venture of Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal. So, no doubts about the authenticity and credibility of the platform.   

Regardless of whether you are in the States or somewhere else, you can access the service without a VPN. Plus, the interface is neat and organized. You see different genres, popular shows, exciting films, and more right in front of you. Most of the content on the service is free (with plenty of ads). However, you have to rent movies and shows for 4K streaming.   

Tubi TV   

If you are bored on a weekend and want to watch some underappreciated films, Tubi TV has a whopping forty thousand titles on it. You can access the service for free from inside or outside the United States without a VPN. Plus, you do not need to log in to start streaming. The feature that stands out about the service is the user-friendly design and interface.   

There are no ads within the interface. But you will have to endure some while streaming content. Also, most of the content on the service is composed of indie films you may have never heard of. The anime playlist is also quite limited.      


Veoh is one of the older streaming platforms with free streaming supported by ads. The platform has the biggest range of content genres in this blog. You can watch movies, educational content, cartoons, dramas, films, and more. You can find some relatively new and popular shows on the service. Another benefit is that you don’t need a VPN network regardless of your location to stream content on Veoh.   

However, there are some issues with this platform as well. For example, the site design is dated. The navigation is not user-friendly, and you will have to put more effort compared to other platforms. Lastly, the search results are not very organized.   

So, these are some free and legal streaming platforms you can try. You can explore a plethora of interesting content if you want to watch something other than subscribed services. Comparatively, the services mentioned here are much better than most free platforms.   

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