Attractive Places and Luxury Hotels: Guide to Spend Holidays to Italy

Italy is a well-known destination for tourists as it is packed with historical landscapes, good wine, and food. Italy is full of places for tourist attractions. If you want to see a museum, then you should visit Rome and if you want to admire some artwork then you should probably go to Florence. Venice is more like a couple’s destination and is famous for its ice cream, bridges, and canals. If you are planning to have cheap holidays to Italy with your family or friends then you should have information about what to do and where to visit while your stay in Italy. This article provides you with tips on what to do and see in Italy.

Places to Visit:


Venice is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. The city has attractive lakes and legendary building designs which amaze visitors. This city is home to various museums that are worth visiting. On your trip to Italy, you must visit places like Rialto Bridge, San Marco, and the Basilica San Marco. If you want to enjoy cost-effective drinks and bars, then you should visit the old Jewish Ghetto. There are also many festivals organized in Venice including the Carnival in winter and Venice Film Festival in August.


Pompeii is a primordial city that was turned into ashes by a volcano eruption. It was home to amazing architecture that was amusing for visitors. As of today, Pompeii has significance for many archaeological places as they offer information about the culture, religion, political and social life of the primordial people.


Rome is full of places and attractions for tourists. Some of these tourist attractions include Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain, and Colosseum. if you want to enjoy the most delicious food and cheap wine then you should definitely visit the Trastevere. The world’s smallest state known as Vatican City is snuggled in Rome and has many museums and the Sistine Chapel, and Pope.

Amalfi Coast:

The Amalfi Coast is not much visited by tourists but is a very beautiful and attractive place. It is home to many attractive beaches, dunes, hikes, and deep blue water. It is also a very well-known jet set station. It is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site and has great significance from a historical and political point of view.

Cinque Terre:

The Cinque Terre has five seaside villages which are supported by the mountains and orchards. It has very mesmerizing scenery for the visitors. After facing some difficulty in hiking, the tourists can enjoy mouth-watering seafood and sauces along with good wine. You can also travel on a train if you are not interested in hiking.


Milan is the second largest and one of the fashion capitals in the world. It is home to many ancient landscapes and sculptures including Sforzesco Castle and Milan Cathedral. You can take a break in the well-known park in Milan called Parco Sempione. You can go on a shopping spree in this city as it is famous for this.


If you are an art lover, then you will love visiting Florence as it is home to many impressive art galleries. You will have a great experience visiting the churches and Boboli Gardens where you can walk without shoes. This city also offers mouth-watering food and fine wine. You can see the Tuscan architecture here as well.

Hotels to Stay:

Grand Hotel Salerno:

It is located on the Amalfi Coast and offers wonderful scenery. It provides comfy rooms furnished with a TV, mini fridge, and air conditioning. Some rooms also have balconies in order to enjoy the amazing views. The guests have to pay for Wi-Fi. In the breakfast buffet, you get croissants, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Pets are allowed if you pay extra and they also offer entertainment channels for your kids. They also charge you for private parking.

Novotel Caserta Sud:

It is situated in Caserta and is fit for both tourists and people that are on a business trip. The hotel offers large rooms that are comfy with many amenities including a satellite TV, a coffee-making machine, and a mini fridge. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi. It also has an outdoor pool and playground for children. Children under the age of sixteen are offered free breakfast if they are living with their parents or guardian in the same room.

Lloyd’s Baia Hotel:

It is situated near the Amalfi Coast and is a wonderful place to enjoy your holidays to Italy. This hotel has terraces for their guests so that they can relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery. During summer, a special evening for guests’ entertainment is organized by the hotel every weekend. You mostly get fruits in the breakfast buffet and if you want to enjoy drinking, you can go to the bar. The rooms are facilitated with a TV, air conditioning, a minibar, and a private bathroom.

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